Happy Passover: 7 Handmade, Modern + Traditional Designs

Sundown marks the beginning of Passover, and I have a confession. Another year has passed and I haven’t finished the stamped cross stitch matzo cover I’ve been working on since 2008. (So embarrassing.) It’s a gift for my father. I fear I’m proving that I have the unique ability to stretch out a simple craft project for eons. (Am I alone in this?)

HGTV Design Happens - Passover - Art

Passover Symbols Painting :: Etsy Naomi Broudo

My father inherited the traditional Pesach plate and cut glass Elijah’s cup my family uses from his mother who got them on a trip to Israel in the 50s. I was looking forward to contributing a handmade piece of my needlework to be used with the family heirlooms. As I child, I was so captivated by the designs of those ritual objects. More recent Passover memories include the moving feminist Seders hosted by my adopted Jewish grandmother. All of which has me thinking, if I host the Passover Seder next year, what pieces will my family bring and what would I need to buy and make to complete my table. Here are seven lovely handmade ceremonial objects and ones by leading designers I found while online window shopping. I’d love your recommendations! And if anyone knows where I can find a Seder plate with a special place for an orange, let me know.

HGTV Design Happens - Passover - Pesach PlateSeder Plate by designer Orna Lalo

HGTV.com Design Happens - Passover - Seder PlateHand Painted Glass Seder Plate :: Etsy Emanuel Judaica

HGTV.com Design Happens - Passover - Jonathan Adler - Seder PlateFutura Seder Plate by designer Jonathan Adler

HGTV.com Design Happens - Passover - KnittingKnitting Pattern for Children’s Maror, Charoset, Karpas, Zeroah, Beitzah and Afikomen :: Etsy tikkunknits

HGTV.com Design Happens - Passover - Matzah CoverRaw Silk Matzo Cover Set :: Etsy Emanuel Judaica

HGTV.com Design Happens - Passover - Afikomen BagSilk Matzo Cover Set :: Etsy Ketubah Studio

HGTV.com Design Happens - Passover - Miriam's CupMiriam’s Cup :: Etsy Mallory Serebrin

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